02 June, 2010

Refreshing the Intellisense cache in SSMS 2008

I'm currently using alot SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 2008, and often when I create a new table it doesn't appear on Intellisense, and after a little research I came across this website:

by Dan Jones.

And learned why this happens, and how to fix it.

First how to Fix it: There's two ways, the quicker and what you'll want to know if you are a shortcut Ace (or wannabe) is Ctrl + Shift + R , the other way is to go to the Menu in: 
Edit -> IntelliSense (last option) -> Refresh Local Cache 

Then Why it happens: SSMS reads all this info on what tables exist's and other things and cache it locally (it doesn't check every time), if you create a table or anyone creates a new table on the database SSMS won't update his local cache, so you have to do this manually, a good point of observation is that sometimes SSMS does update the cache and it depends on some actions, to learn how does the SSMS cache work you can observe when does it reads his cache.

Hope it helped,
Good Luck
The Developer Seer.

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