21 November, 2010


I’ve Learned this recently, about two months ago.

Again on Paul Randal’s blog, click here if you want to see the post.

The thing is SQL 2005 introduced a check on DBCC CHECKDB, that checks for columns values like, is my column values within range of my selected data type?

When migrating databases I’ve seen some negative DateTimes (which Query Analyzer does display, some weird float values that even query analyzer does not display)

The First question you might have is how the hell did this values get in there?
Well… On SQL 2000 and bellow, SQL allowed data Import without some checking with ended up with those values in there.

If you created the database on SQL 2005, this check is always done when you issue a:

DBCC CHECKDB ([db_name])

if your database is from a SQL 2000, you may have to perform a explicit check, and once this check is completed successfully a value is changed in the database boot page, so SQL know that it passed once and will enforce checking every time.

Here’s the code for an explicit check:


Remember to change the db_name for your database name, ok?

If you got any problem with the invalid values know you have two choices, and I don’t like any of them.

  1. You can delete those rows. (lame solution right).
  2. You can update the values for those rows, but probably you won’t be able to see what’s currently stored if you get this problem.

For more information around this you can check this MS KB

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