03 February, 2011

Error 0x80010105 on SQL 2008 R2 Configuration Manager

Today I faced this problem and wanted to share it, When going to SQL Configuration Manager and clicking on SQL Server Services I was simply presented a error that said
“The server threw an exception. [0x80010105]”
with a little red icon of error, and no refresh would save us.
So I googled it a bit and found this blog post.
http://aspdotnetdevelopment.wordpress.com it’s a blog about ASP.NET, MVC and SQL.
And the owner of the blog says it’s a WMI problem, so go on and restart it’s service.
The solution is on Start –> Run –> services.msc –> Find “Windows Management Instrumentation” –> and Click Restart.
He also points that the solution came from here:
So Thanks to WeiLin Qiao and to the above cited blog I’ve solved my problem, and hope it helps you solve yours if you happen to have this problem.
Good Luck and Farewell.
The Developer Seer.


  1. Hello,

    Is there an impact on the cluster when i restart the wmi service?

    Best regards,

    Ayhan Yilmaz

  2. Hi Ayhan sorry for the late response, you probably have already solved that, or upgraded you cluster, well just for documentation purposes I didn't notice any downtime when I restarted the service, however I'm not sure if the cluster manager uses WMI to connect to the services, that's something to study.

  3. Thank you so much! It helped me alot!